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Friends, today I am going to tell you how you can watch TV on your mobile for absolutely free. 

Friends, you know that many such TV channels’ apps have come nowadays.

Today the app that I am sharing with you is the name of this app AOS TV channel app

AOS TV channel app is very good app 

Through this app you can watch Pakistan United States and moreover India TV channel of any country.

In this app you are given at least 7000 channels. And you can watch this 7000 channel absolutely for free with HD result in your mobile too.

Friends, this TV app is a Working from every mobile, you can use it in any mobile.

Friends, this app is not going to get you from the Google Play Store, which I will give you the link, you have to download it from that link and you can use this app.

And friends also tell you what are the good channels in this app.


Star utsav free TV

Rishtey Cineplex free TV

Rishtey plus TV

Star gold TV free

Star movies free TV

Star TV serials free TV

Zee cinema free TV

Zee smile free TV

Apart from this, friends and many more channels are given to you, which you can watch for free.

Friends, I have been using this app for at least 2 years and have a free channel on my mobile  In this app you are given 7000 channels, I watch at least two-three channels daily which I like very much.

In this app, I go to movies videos, I also watch movies, Indian films and American films and there are many movies that I watch every day.

In this app you are also given funny videos, you can also pass your time by watching funny videos.

Within this app you can download videos, download movies, share to your friends, you can share links to TV channels

Friends, in a TV channel app, you are given a lot of good features.


I’m going to tell you what’s good about AOS TV 

Hundred percent will run in your mobile with good speed

You can watch good movies on your mobile in this app

You can see good live channels in this app

You can watch a lot of sports in this TV app

Friends, you can watch cricket live in it

And the good thing in it is that through this app you can record the screen and share it on any Facebook or any social network

How will you download this app 

Friends, downloading this app is very easy, if you want, you can search on Google Play Store in this way. AOS TV App

If you are not found in the Google Play Store, then I will give you a download button below, you can also download from there

To download AOS TV, I have written an AOS TV below to you, click there and download this app. .


And install this TV app in your mobile and enjoy it. Many channels are given to Saheb, many movies will be given to you, many will be given you funny videos, you can pass a good amount of time by watching it.



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